FACE YOUR FEARS Lightweight Hoodie

charcoal gray
heather gray

FACE YOUR FEARS AND QUIT WHINING!  Bitching never solves the problem, focus on finding solutions. 

Light as a long sleeve t-shirt with the features of a hoodie, our unisex lightweight terry hoodie is a super-versatile choice for your fitness workouts.

When the weather is a little too cold at the gym for a short-sleeved tee and a little too warm for a heavy hoodie, this is the way to go.

  • Terrycloth textures and rough-cut hems make this post-workout top an eye-catching choice.
  • Bottom hem and sleeves have a raw edge for a more loose, natural look.
  • Textured, terry (towel-like) fabric on the sleeves and hood trim.
  • Fitting Note: Unisex cut falls to the waist and will fit tighter for men, more relaxed for women.
Unisex Lightweight Terry Hoodie | Spreadshirt 1194
normal fit
XS 24.49 in 18.98 in 23.46 in
S 25.47 in 18.98 in 25.00 in
M 27.99 in 20.00 in 26.50 in
L 27.99 in 21.97 in 25.98 in
XL 28.46 in 23.46 in 27.99 in
2XL 30.00 in 25.47 in 27.72 in

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